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Circumcision: Other WWW Resources

Due to the lifelong consequences for the long lasting surgical modification of children’s genitals, it will become imperative that children have the right to possess their own own reproductive organs and to preserve her natural intimate function. The current research tries to replicate Emde’s circumcision study, in a modified way.

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Moreover, they does not reference, never as discuss, several popular studies providing evidence of unfavorable negative effects of circumcision on sexuality through a variety of educational, motivational, peer-group, skills-building and community normative approaches.

Penile block reduced the induction-incision time and enabled earlier discharge home compared with caudal block.


If desired, adult guys with a non-retractile foreskin may irrigate and flush the sub-preputial cavity with a rubber bulb syringe.

Organizations, Educational/Informational

Organizations, Professional

  • D.O.C. (Doctors Opposing Circumcision)
  • Attorneys for the Rights of the Child (hosted by NOHARMM)
  • Nurses for the Rights of the Child: “We support and advise other nurses who want to stop the socially sanctioned genital mutilation of minors. We act as human rights advocates for babies and children by informing and educating the public that the forced amputation of a healthy part of the genitals of an unconsenting infant or child, whether in the name of medicine, religion or social custom, is a human rights violation.” Contact us at 369 Montezuma #354, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501. Telephone 505-989-7377. E-mail: <wholebaby>.”

Organizations for Parents

  • Kahal, the Israeli Parents’ group. E-mail: <info>. Phone: +972-3-5299246

Patient’s Rights Advocacy

  • InformedConsent.ORG. Dedicated to improving the process of informed consent for medical procedures.
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Organizations for Men

Activist Organizations

Circumcision information and commentary

Other pregnancy/childbirth, parenting, and miscellaneous child-related resource pages

Other pages of circumcision-related links grouped by country:


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They had a week for starting out to be reduced physical stimulation lightly circumcision so.

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Factor should get to facts already available on the capacity of teenage males to make well informed choices for their health various other markets such healthier meals, not puffing, moderation of alcohol intake, particularly avoiding binge consuming, prevention of illegal drugs, reliable driving, safer gender, responsible, mature personal actions, etc.Sexually sent bacterial infections in gents and ladies. ma said.Circumcision at the beginning of childhood might help lessen penile malignant tumors by detatching phimosis, a significant risk factor for your disease.Teenagers and adults who are circumcised usually are provided a¬†general anaesthetic, where¬†they truly are put to fall asleep.Some mothers request to own their own newborn or older son or daughter circumcised for non-therapeutic reasons, including the parents’ really wants to adhere to family members customs, social norms or spiritual values.

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Maybe not only is this a simple process, but completely scientifically proven and universally applicable.

Although UTIs tend to be usual in kids and often quickly resolved, also, they are really painful and can progress to much more serious kidney infections and perhaps lead to renal scar tissue formation, which might cause kidney problems, elevated blood pressure or also kidney failure later in daily life.

So much as halt the abuse and far more on so i do.

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